The Powder Coating Process: when only quality will do

Once your order is with us we will process the job to the highest quality in the following way:


1. Blast cleaning. As required, work will be shot-blasted (sand-blasted) and/or cleaned and prepared

2. Items will be electro-statically powder coated

3. Goods will be stoved in our ovens until the powder coating has cured

4. The product will then be inspected for quality assurance

5. Items will then be packed for dispatch

5. Customers will be informed that their order has been completed and is ready for collection


Work we have frequently powder coated...


As you can see from the gallery below we are able to powder coat items of a variety of different sizes and shapes, from both industrial and domestic spheres.

Photo gallery of customer items that we have recently coated

University and college furniture/equipment
Network Rail maintenance equipment
Grain silo
Roller-shutter doors
Storage racking
Cast iron fire-places and radiators / architectural reclamation projects
Garden furniture refurbishing
Tolix chair / industrial chic restoration projects
Railings (new, or refurbishment projects)
Cast iron gates (new or refurbishment projects)
Cast iron bench
Alloy wheels
Motorbike frame