Paint stripping services

One of the things that make Keynsham Powder Coatings special is that we can  shot-blast/sand-blast your metal work (whether new or refurbished) before it is coated.  Other powder coaters do not have this facility, so extra cost and time is incurred for customers who have to arrange for blast cleaning in one location and then have their work transported to a different location for powder coating; therefore reducing the time and cost of your refurbishing projects.


Moreover, Keynsham Powder Coating is used to dealing with tight dead-lines and is sensitive to the urgent time restraints that our customers have.  We therefore make ever effort to be as prompt as possible with your orders and are willing to go the extra mile for customers who have pressing deadlines.

With Keynsham Powder Coatings it's the whole package!

  • Chemical stripping, for smaller items, e.g. bike frames
  • Blast cleaning (sand/shot blasting)
  • Extensive colour range
  • Large capacity ovens
  • Industrial, commercial and domestic customers catered for